Pediatric Pulmonary

A pediatric pulmonologist is a doctor that deals with any sort of breathing issue that a child or teenager may have. Along with the specialized pulmonary training, these doctors also have additional training in pediatrics, making them the perfect doctors to care for your child’s respiratory problems. For the best pediatric pulmonary doctor in Trumbull, CT, come to Pediatric Asthma Specialist!

Since our start in 2007, we have been helping children and teens of all ages with a wide range of respiratory problems. Our doctors can diagnose and treat asthma, chronic coughing, recurring pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, apnea, and much more. If your child is having difficulty breathing, we can help them heal and manage their condition, all with gentle and compassionate pediatric care. To find out more about our pediatric pulmonary services, give us a call today!

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