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A persistent cough can be caused by many different things. It could be a symptom of bronchitis, or it could be the result of allergies. A cough can be triggered by anything from dry air to cold temperatures. Commonly, a chronic cough is a major sign of asthma and can be triggered by the common cold, allergies, and even exercise. If your child is suffering from chronic coughing, you need to come to Pediatric Asthma Specialist!

We are a kid’s cough doctor located in Trumbull, CT. Our pediatric pulmonary doctors have the training needed to diagnose and treat a wide array of respiratory problems in children and teens of every age. We’ll get to the bottom of your child’s cough and treat it effectively so that your child can continue living a happy life that is carefree and cough-free! Our superior level of professionalism and gentle care is what makes us the best kid’s cough doctor in town.

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