Exercise Induced Asthma

If your child doesn’t like to run around and play outside, there could be an underlying reason. Wheezing and coughing after physical activity may not mean that your child is out of shape – it could mean that he or she has exercised induced asthma! But how do you know for sure if your child has this type of asthma? Keep an eye out for a shortness of breath, chest tightness, and excessive fatigue. If your child is experiencing reduced athletic performance or a prolonged recovery time following exercise, those are tell-tale signs that they may have exercise induced asthma.

However, it’s best to get tested by a trusted doctor who understands how to diagnose children with this condition. At Pediatric Asthma Specialist, we specialize in treating children and teens of all ages with a wide array of respiratory problems. If your child may have exercise induced asthma, we can help!

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