Cough Doctor

A child who experiences a persistent cough may be suffering from a wide variety of different illnesses. A chronic cough could be the result of allergies or even a sickness like bronchitis. Coughing is usually a major symptom of asthma, which can be triggered from the common cold, dry air, allergies, and more. Asthma can even be triggered by exercise and physical activity.

If your child won’t stop coughing, you need to go to a professional cough doctor! At Pediatric Asthma Specialist, we have been helping children and teens of all ages in the Trumbull, CT, community. Our pediatric pulmonary doctors will gently work with your child in order to figure out the cause of the cough, and then provide the treatments necessary to eliminate the cough. Our superior level of professionalism and compassionate care is what makes us a highly rated and trusted cough doctor!

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